Fantastic!  I've really enjoyed them.  I had a dinner party last night and your 4 CD's along with Andre Bocelli were in the CD player on random.  Many comments from the guests about the music!
Best of luck to you, thanks for the great music!  I'm a new fan.

Kevin Wright
Mankato, Minnestoa/Naples, Florida

Jean – thank you so much for sending my recent order with a personal note!  Since I heard you sing several years ago at the Cherry Creek Art Festival in Denver, I have been captivated by your and Chris’s music and listen to it nearly every day.  It is beautiful, relaxing, evocative.  I have most of your CDs and am now gifting friends with them.

A. Brawner

I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your recordings.  I
purchased 8 CDs and have been enjoying them daily. I will circulate them
among my friends and I'm sure you will gain more fans as a result.

D. Richardson

I had the great fortune to meet Jean Frye Sidwell...I listened to a few
of her CD selections and fell immediately  in love with that voice!
Jean's vocalizations, arrangements and phrasing made me want to hear
more. The highest praise that I can give to Jean is that I had never
thought I could ever like any other artist's rendition of "How Long This
Been Going On". To me, no one has done it better than Ella Fitzgerald
...Ella is still my top choice, but Jean definitely comes in a close must get any one of Jean Frye Sidwell's albums.


What a beautiful voice, the superb phrasing, and quality of sound.

B. Spann

A fellow co-worker introduced me to your music/vocal style and I fell in
love with what I heard. You now have a new fan.


Last year while at a festival I heard a beautiful sound that I could not
ignore and could not stop myself from finding the source of.  It was
Jean's voice and the CD " The Look of Love" , which I immediately
purchased.  I had to. Since then I have played and replayed  it all year
long as my favorite jazz CD of all time. Your voice is such a pleasure
to listen to and I thank you.

F. White

I am just writing to tell you what a fantastic voice Jean has and how
unbelievable your music is. You are truly an artist!

T. Peek
New Mexico

I am compelled to write to tell you how beautiful I think your voice is
Jean. I think it's  the most beautiful voice I've ever heard.

J. Traut

My wife and I recently bought all of  your CDs and I think you are
incredible Jean...I think you are a talent beyond description.

B. Langer
Kansas City

My husband and I are avid lovers of good music.  I was in a store here
in Kansas City and heard your music on the store's system.  I am in
awe!  I shall be ordering on line. Thank you for being so talented...and
for a wonderful listening experience.

P & M Giles

We've bought CDs from you both and can't wait to buy more. We are
enjoying the Sidwell sounds every night...not only is Jean's singing
outstanding but the accompaniment is also fantastic. As you can tell we
are extremely happy with the CDs & would like to know when Jean's next
is coming out. We have 3 and need more. Please hurry!

D. Francis

I bought 8 of your CDs and I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!  You truly have your own
style and I'm honored to have met  you. Rest assured that I will be
telling friends about my discovery!  Thanks so much!

J. White

Just a note to thank you for your wonderful CD "Tenderly" , it is pure
magic. Jean has a beautiful voice and truly a gift for jazz!  ....I
recently purchased Diana Krall's CD and I liked it very much.  You,
however Jean, have her beat hands down!! I look forward to more
wonderful music from you.  Keep the great music coming!

D. Trenary

 I have two of Jean Frye Sidwell's CDs and listen to them all the time.
I received a CD of Diana Krall recently.  You have got it all over her!
Your music is much better.

M. Contreras

Thank you both for giving me the opportunity to experience your
beautiful music. I love and collect music and I have several hundred
CDs. Out of all of these, I have a favorite, " Tenderly" . What a
beautiful, relaxing and classy collection of songs. It is perfect for
all occasions, whether unwinding after a stressful day, at the office,
while relaxing in my
jacuzzi or to share a romantic evening with my husband.